• Gail Webber

Chris Evans explores Tapping on his Virgin Radio breakfast show

Updated: Jul 22

Today, Chris Evans was blown away by how his anxiety about not being able to sleep reduced significantly after only 5 minutes of tapping with Nick Ortner from thetappingsolution.com

Nick explains how tapping works to send calming messages to the brain while we think about an issue that is stressing us, such as not being able to sleep, a pain in our body or being angry at someone. Tapping allows our bodies to release negative thoughts, calm our fight or flight response and make better decisions.

Once we have learned the technique we are able to use it ourselves to clear everyday intrusive thoughts without having to visit a therapist.

However, for traumas and extremely upsetting events it is best to seek the help of a qualified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner. You might not even have to talk about the incident and the tapping can still reduce its emotional intensity. A practitioner can also ensure that all aspects are cleared for permanent relief.

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