About EFT Tapping

Try out EFT now by following this video to reduce your stress and anxiety 

EFT tapping points

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) otherwise known as Tapping, is a safe, gentle and effective tool to feel better about any area of your life that you have upset or discomfort about.  Sessions can be in person at my clinic in Chepstow, or by Zoom/Skype.


EFT or tapping is a talking therapy but has a physical component that helps to go deeper, faster. Whilst we talk about your pain, issue or difficulty we gently tap various points on the hand, head and upper body.

EFT is used to gently clear the root causes of trauma symptoms, core issues, unhelpful behaviours and limiting/negative beliefs resulting in significant improvements in physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Research shows that EFT calms the amygdala or fear centre of the brain allowing negative emotions that are stored there during traumas and incidents in our lives to be safely released.  There is now a significant body of research evidence showing the effectiveness of EFT for a wide range of issues including PTSD, anxiety, depression, weight issues, addictions, pain and phobias.


EFT safeguarding training completed Jan 2021.

First session - 1.5 hours  -  £55

Subsequent sessions - 1 hour -  £45

Child session - 45 minutes after school - £35

Cancellation policy:

24-48 hours notice of cancellation - £10 fee is payable

Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation - half fee is payable