About Gail

About Gail

About Gail

Certificate of Systematic Kinesiology

Certified Homeobotanical Therapist

Certified EFT practioner

My aim is to help people to follow their dreams and lead healthy and active lives free from physical and emotional pain. I am a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist, EFT practitioner and Homeobotanical Therapist. 

I trained and worked as a Chartered Accountant for over 20 years but after observing the improvement in health of my family from identifying and removing specific foods from their diet, I decided to train as a kinesiologist.  I discovered that this therapy could do so much more than identify food intolerances and can be used to identify and alleviate many types of imbalances of the body and the mind.  In order to further relieve emotional issues and improve my clients' mental health I then trained and qualified as an EFT practitioner. I feel privileged to be able to help people to heal themselves in a natural and safe way as a natural health and wellness consultant and alternative medicine practitioner.

I am also an independent consultant for Arbonne who provide amazing gluten, free, cruelty free, vegan make up, skincare and nutrition without harmful ingredients for you or the environment.

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