Marette - Psychotherapist: Gail is a warm, empathic, intuitive practitioner. She blends these innate qualities with a focus and pragmatism that creates a wonderful feeling of understanding, compassion and safety. She can also skilfully bring a warm humour to her sessions which serves to ease tension and discomfort. Her focus is fully on the client and she is able to guide and be guided beautifully. I gained new insights into old issues after working with her and healed wounds that had been tender for a long time. After each session, I felt seen, heard and helped. I would highly recommend Gail as an EFT Practitioner. You are in safe, gentle, caring hands’
Hannah: I have been really impressed with the difference kinesiology has made to me. I went to see Gail when I was experiencing frequent illness and lethargy, and these issues have been fully addressed through the treatments, changing my diet and using the right supplements. Gail is easy to talk to and clearly cares about her clients and doing everything she can to understand and alleviate any symptoms. I have been surprised by how holistic kinesiology is, and how it can address physical illness as well as contribute to mental wellbeing.
Tracey: "Ever since I was pregnant with my eldest son back in 1991, I have not been able to go shopping without the need to go to the toilet, which is challenging to say the least and made shopping trips a nightmare rather than an enjoyable experience. Gail was recommended to me  by a friend and since my visit to her, I have made several shopping trips and not needed to visit the toilets at all.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to my next holiday when I can visit the local bazaars and markets. Thank You!"
Kriss: I have had a few EFT sessions with Gail and l have had some amazing results. The first session she helped me with stress. My mum had had a stroke and then my partner had a serious illness plus l had other personal issues to deal with. So we worked on my stress and to my surprise l have been feeling a lot calmer and more clear headed.

On our next session we worked on my money issues to clear some blocks l had. A few days after my session with Gail l received a letter from a credit card company who l had applied for ppi 3 years ago. They wrote and told me they were paying my ppi in to my account. Also my credit score went up and my mot passed 1st time.

Gail is so so easy to talk to and fun too.
Elise: Really pleased with my family's treatment, Gail was so friendly and helpful and picked up what the issues were and I'm pleased to say it's made a big difference to us.  Thank you
Sylv: "Kinesiology is a treatment which brings to the surface emotional, underlying anxieties and traumas, along with nutritional needs.  It is a non-intrusive treatment, with no side effects.  My treatments with Gail always leave me feeling relaxed, more positive and balanced, knowing after each session what my particular requirements are.  I can highly recommend Gail as a therapist.  Kinesiology treats the whole person not a symptom.  It's natural and very accurate.  Thank you Gail."

Don: My intermittent regular colds and low energy levels were an accepted part of my life that appeared to be my normal. I didn’t know that I had food intolerances, but Gail identified them and I have removed them from my diet which has given me a new lease of life with higher energy levels, many fewer tummy aches, and the elimination of my eczema. I don’t really understand why Gail’s kinesiology works, but my regular treatments mean that I haven’t had a cold or low energy levels for years now. Gail seems to be able to identify the vitamins and minerals that my body needs to keep me well, and long may that continue.