About Kinesiology

Gail performing a muscle test on a client

Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) is a holistic therapy for addressing imbalances in the body which are causing all manner of symptoms. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to understand the root cause of the issue and then nutrition, lymphatic massage and emotional work to clear the blockages and allow the body to heal itself. It is a natural CAM therapy suitable for all ages.  It can aid more restful sleep, help you to relax and also improve mood and physical well-being.  

About Kinesiology

Over 1 million people world wide use muscle testing in their practice!

Gail performing a balance on a client

What happens during a kinesiology treatment? 


On your first visit we will complete a questionnaire about your general health, sleep, digestion, operations, aches, pains and other issues.  You then lie fully clothed on a massage table while I muscle test specific muscles depending on the symptoms that we have discussed.  It is a painless and non-invasive process. 

Once I have identified the muscles that are not performing optimally, I assess if certain vitamins, minerals and herbs will help the body recover. We may also talk about any emotional issues that may be affecting you at this time. I then use acupressure massage while discussing those issues to restore balance.  I may also suggest lifestyle changes to help aid recovery and long term health and well-being.

Watch this video if you would like to understand more about kinesiology and muscle testing

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As a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapist I am not allowed to make any claims on my website or social media that the kinesiology treatments that I offer can help with specific medical conditions or symptoms that you may be suffering.

Give me a ring to have a no-obligation chat about your issues and how I can help you.


First treatment 1.5 - 2 hours  -  £55

Subsequent treatments  1 - 1.5 hours -  £45

Supplements, Homeobotanical remedies and Bach flower remedies where required are charged separately.

Cancellation policy:

24-48 hours notice of cancellation - £10 fee is payable

Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation - half fee is payable